Isla Moda “Fashion Island” and “The World” in Dubai

Samira Abdulrazzak

Can you imagine an Island surrounded by sparkling blue waters completely dedicated to fashion? Sounds like the stuff dreams are made of.

Isla Moda also known as “Fashion Island” is one of “The World” {man-made islands and engineering miracle} off Dubai’s mainland.  The project was initiated in 2008 by Samira Abdulrazzak, the stunning young CEO of Dubai Infinity Holdings, an investment company focused on areas of technology, education, healthcare, entertainment and lifestyle development.

The entire island is to be dedicated to fashion which will include luxury resorts, themed residential villas, haute couture boutiques and more, providing the most decadent and divine shopping, dining, living, entertaining etc.  It will be a true home for the worlds fashion elite.

Karl Lagerfeld has signed a contract with Dubai Infinity Holdings to design 80 limited edition homes and it is “rumored” that Victoria Beckham was offered over 40 million for her design input.  Some of the most recognized high profile designers from around the world are being courted for their expertise on this project.

Fashion conscience residents of this exclusive island can have these designers create their personalized homes and have a choice of themed properties, including ‘limited edition’ villas offering ‘one of a kind’ views, private beaches pools, you name it.

Personal concierges will provide clothing, perfumery and personal style makeovers, as design concierges create glamorous environments with the finest furnishings, art, and technology.  Hotel guests and residential owners will also receive VIP access to all kinds of exclusive events, products and services.  Sounds decadent, delicious, and divine.

The latest projected time-table for completion of this massive undertaking is undetermined, although I suspect there may be delays do to the current economic climate.  If anyone has some up-to-date information, I would love to know.  Isla Moda, “Fashion Island’’ is sure to make Dubai a major fashion and life-style destination if they can pull it off.

I feel this arena would be a good fit for my giant contemporary futuristic Arabian horse paintings. These one of a kind designer couture homes, villas, and luxury hotels are going to require the most cutting edge, unique and original art to create a magnificent uplifting other-worldly aesthetically beautiful environment.  The majestic ethereal visionary horses of the Kinghale Gallery would be right at home in such an environment as they grace the walls and quietly watch over their beloved family, friends, and guests.  We aren’t in Kansas anymore!

Arabian horse painting “Liberty” 49” X 46” by Artist Karen King

As an artist I am a fan of fashion. I am embarrassed to admit that I actually dressed up just to go to the first “Sex and the City Movie” in my “Carrie Bradshaw” type dress and stiletto pumps, much to my sweet husband’s tolerant amusement.  In fact there is photo of me on my website in front of the large original Arabian horse painting with the massive arched ornate gold frame where I am wearing the signature {giant flower} dress created by designer Patricia Field for Sarah Jessica Parker to wear in the promo for the first movie.

As a side-note, my husband who is a veterinarian actually named his mobile veterinary hospital “Vets in the City.”  It has been operating and making house calls in Sarasota Florida for several years now and has earned the highest respect from pet owners who love and value their furry family members. The pets love it too because they don’t even realize they are at the vet.  They just think a really nice, kind, gentle person is visiting them at home.

My Husband Dr Jan E Hale

I am excited about the sequel movie “Sex and the City 2” due to come out May 27th 2010. I understand the story line has the girls going to the Middle East this time; however I recently read that the movie was actually filmed in Morocco.  I heard that they originally wanted to have the movie take place in Dubai but could not get permission to film there due to moral issues. They then decided to switch to Abu Dhabi but similar considerations arose and it became political.  In the end they filmed in Morocco but kept Abu Dhabi as the storyline so Abu Dhabi will probably still benefit substantially in tourist revenue from publicity generated by the iconic film.  I have to admit, I had been wondering how all that was going to work given the rather progressive racy nature of the show so I was not really surprised to find that it was indeed a problem.

Never-the-less, I can’t wait to drag my husband to this movie so I will have to start planning my outfit.  I adore any excuse to dress up because as an artist I spend most of my time in cut-offs, sweatpants, tank tops and various raggedy outfits covered with paint and looking more like “Sadie Hawkins” than a fashionista.

Sarah Jessica Parker in the “Patricia Field” flower dress

Artist Karen King in the “Patricia Field” flower dress “black version

Sarah Jessica Parker in New York for the premier of the the original "Sex and the City" movie in a lovely pleated silver gown.

Artist Karen King at the notorious old silver mine in Creede Colorado standing in front of a lovely pile of pleated silver rubble.

Beauty in fashion, form, fine art, architecture, and nature can be found in a myriad of places, whether it be a sensational silver dress on a stunning Hollywood movie star, a semblance of silvery renegade rubble in a ravine of old silver mine, a sunlit seven star hotel sailing over a sparkling sea, or the swirling mass of mane and tail on a shimmering stallion surrounded by sterling opulence.

Each has its own ethereal beauty and is imbued with energy, movement, grace, and a life force bestowed on it by all who behold and cherish a world of uplifting aesthetics.

“Burj Al Arab” luxury hotel in Dubai.

“Southwest Silver” 48 “ X 36” Arabian horse painting by Artist Karen King


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17 Responses to “Island Moda “Fashion Island” aka “Sex And The City” Meets Utopia, Sort of!”

  1. Jan Hale says:

    Wow! I really enjoyed reading your post. It makes me imagine what you will be wearing for the new Sex and the City movie. Very entertaining and real good insight in the world of fashion.
    Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Hi Karen,
    Great to meet ya! I’m sure you still look great in sweat pants and raggedy old clothes when you’re painting. But I know how good it feels to dress up – you feel more empowered and confident in yourself. So, go ahead and make up any excuse and throw on that sexy dress!

    Love your artwork! Keep the posts comin’.

    Jaclyn Castro

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  4. Steve says:

    Really nice blog header!!!!
    Also, How did your husband get that dog on top of his truck?

  5. Jackie King says:

    Dear Mother — I love your new blog. The graphics are impressive and your piece is beautifully crafted. The juxtaposed pictures of you and Sarah Jessica Parker are really clever and you look gorgeous as always!

    I love you,


  6. Hi Karen!

    I am honored to be invited to participate in the debut of your blog! As a Coronado Crusader, I am a big fan of Jan’s and now I get to be your fan as well! The info about Dubai is so fascinating. If I were Jan, I wouldn’t let you go near there. . . One of those sultans is going to capture you and never let you go home! LOL!

    Seriously, your work is lovely. I feel very dreamy looking at them, as they have a very “heavenly” quality.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your work.

    “Mentor Mama”

  7. Rebecca King says:

    Wow, I am very impressed with your blog (nice job Jan) and your artistic ability! Love your horse paintings and the information about Dubai. I wish you much success…

  8. Awesome website, where did you get the web theme?

  9. I found your site via yahoo thanks for the post. I will save it for future reference. Thanks Sports Forum

  10. Thanks for the nice post.

  11. Mathew Niimi says:

    it is my first reply on this website and in the begining I would like to thank for the unique information, which I were able to find in this and all previous posts , it really helped me very much. I will definitely put this blog on my google reader :) Also, I would like to ask – don’t you mind if I will quate some information from your website because I am writing articles for the Helium, Ezine and other articles directories (this is my part time job)? It would really help me with some of mine articles. Of course, I will mention your website name or URL (not all articles directories allows URL’s , so I can’t 100% promise that you will get a direct backlink to your blog).

  12. I so loved every bit of this site and I’ve bookmarked your blog to check out the new topics you will post in the future.

  13. Deidre Fusca says:

    The new Sex and the City Movie opens tomorrow. For sure I’ll be one of the first to see the new Sex and the City Movie.

  14. karens blog says:

    Thank you, this is a StationPro Theme. It is very customizable and my husband did most of the customizing (he is very good at following my very specific instructions). And my brother created my header picture, he is a graphic artist and wizard with photoshop. If you would like some help with customizing a blog theme or creating a header photo you can visit my husbands blog

  15. Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

  16. Howdy there,Terrific blog dude! i’m Fed up with using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.
    PS:Have you thought to be putting video to the blog posts to keep the readers more interested?I think it works.Kind regards, Justin Nakhle

  17. 8 of my friends & me got tickets for the opening of the new Sex and the City Movie. I’m so happy!

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