I caught these Angels on video inside the gallery of The Santa Fe Pony Express in Santa Fe New Mexico.

What can I say; Angels love to hang out here.

The angel in this video came to visit quite often during the summer of 2012.  Her mesmerizing, illuminating presence would often show up on the floor of the gallery office, right at the foot of my southwest stool where I would sit in late afternoon. 

She would twirl and dance, sometimes alone and sometimes with other angels.  She seemed to love being in the calm, quiet, enchanting  gallery amidst the horses, the crosses, and I like to think, myself.  I got quite used to seeing her and looked forward to her visits, especially in the lazy smoldering hot summer afternoons when hardly anyone was around.

One day a peculiar young woman with bright purple hair happened through the gallery and I said, “Would you like to see an angel?”  I pointed out the Angel to her and she was awe struck.  She watched the Angel dancing on the floor beneath the horse paintings. 

As her shyness lifted, she told me a story of an earlier incident in her life when she was sure she had witnessed an angel. I could tell as she went on her way that this odd engagement would hold lasting meaning.

Most of the Angels that visited the Santa Fe Pony Express Gallery were in the form of real live people.  Shelley (my business partner) and I met some of the most fascinating benevolent people from all walks of life who had the most beautiful energy and gentle kindness of spirit.

They seemed drawn to the horses, the crosses, and the palpable feeling of peace and sense of wonder inside the gallery.

This feeling is similar to what it feels like to watch the sun rise over the mountains at dawn or to watch seagulls and dolphins frolic in an endless sparkling ocean horizon.

I often found myself exchanging hugs with complete strangers simply because there is something so pure about the level of communication that takes place in the presence of uplifting art of this high aesthetic wavelength that creates a natural connection between beings.

I have always known that the horses of the Santa Fe Pony Express and the Kinghale Gallery have a very powerful, spiritual, electrifying energy, as do the iconic crosses. 

It is no wonder Angels love to hang out here.

Visit the Santa Fe Pony Express in person or online and see for yourself why the Angels love the horses and crosses so much.

Perhaps you will too.

As a side note, Santa Fe New Mexico is considered the third largest art market in the United States.  Art buyers from all over the world come here to purchase art.  The vast majority of art buyers naturally gravitate to the famous “Canyon Road” where countless famous galleries are lined up like ducks in a row vying to impress.

The Santa Fe Pony Express is located off the beaten path in Santa Fe’s own  beloved iconic “Jackalope”, an open air market known for its old world  friendly charm, eccentricity, and unique affordable treasures, as well as its adorable prairie dogs and donkeys.

Would you rather invest a significant amount of money in a highly promoted, well rendered, yet ordinary painting from some artist in China, or would you prefer to invest a fraction of that amount, in an original authentic American artist work of art that is so different, so powerful, so ahead of its time, yet, so beautiful.

If you will notice, there are no brushstrokes on any of these majestic ethereal horse paintings.  They are all painted from above.  No wonder, Angels LOVE THEM!


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